May 17, 2020

April 6, 2020

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We Are Trans2Gether #ArtTransfer

June 3, 2020

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Transgender Flag Day 2019

August 6, 2019

Transgender Flag Day 2019 in Amsterdam


Onze host Candy Cotton Candy & Marvy


Message from Monica Helms founder of the TransFlag


To my friends of TransAmsterdam and in the Netherlands


Thank you for honoring the Transgender Pride Flag by celebrating the 20th Anniversary of its creation. It is wonderful people like you that have helped make it the second most popular flag in the LGBTQ community. As trans people, we needed a symbol to rally around and help to unite us all over the world. The Trans Flag has done just that.


The Netherlands is a beautiful country that I had a chance to visit 57 years ago when my father was stationed in Bitburg, Germany, in the US Air Force. It was such a colorful an amazing country, with beautiful flowers and welcoming people. The miniature city of Madurodam impacted me so strongly that I make various miniature objects to this day because of seeing it.

I know that I have many amazing friends in the Netherlands and I hope to get a chance to meet all of you face-to-face one of these days in the future. For now, all of you continue living your beautiful lives and continue to unite around the Trans Flag whenever you gather to show your pride.

Your friend, Monica Helms









 Trans Flag Dance at the Transgender Flag Day.
*Jeff van Reen directing a group of young trans people creating a dance performance.



During the Transgender Flag Day Neysara Rai the founder of Transgender India became the ambassador of TransAmsterdam



Wielie Elhorst, predikant PKN in Bussum, Amsterdam en predikant met bijzondere opdracht voor de LHBT-gemeenschap, heeft tijdens de Transgender Flag Day een inwijdings-/verbindingsritueel verricht.







Trina Casey reading her new book, "I Love Pink! (A Trans Tale") at Trans Flag Day

In "I Love Pink!" Juanita and her best friend Kiana, teach us how to be the friend we all need and how to support each other. It also touches on the effects of abuse and why fostering children in need is vital to a positive outlook in life.