May 17, 2020

April 6, 2020

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We Are Trans2Gether #ArtTransfer

June 3, 2020

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Te koop kunstwerken van Kalki Subramaniam

September 11, 2019

Juni 2019 was Kalki Subramaniam op uitnodiging van TransAmsterdam in Amsterdam.


Kalki Subramaniam is een Indiaanse transgender activiste, kunstenares, danseres, dichteres, actrice en inspirerende spreekster. Kalki is ambassadeur van TransAmsterdam en de oprichtster van de Sahodari organisatie, een organisatie van de transgender mensen in India.


“Kunst heeft wonden uit het verleden doen genezen en kunst heeft mij laten opbloeien tot een nieuw mens”


Kunst hielp haar door moeilijke tijden. “Ik verstopte me vaak in bossen en parken voor mensen. Pen, papier en verf vormden mijn troost. Nog steeds zijn zij mijn zielsverwanten.” Kalki


Deze 4 prachtige kunstwerken van Kalki Subramaniam zijn te koop bij InClusion op 27 september 20:00 - 00:30 Manor Hotel Linneausstraat 89 Amsterdam. Voor vragen of informatie kun je mailen naar


*Een deel van de opbrengt gaat naar TransAmsterdam.



An incarnation of Vishnu, the popular deity Krishna also took the form of Mohini in order to marry Aravan to satisfy one of the hero’s last requests, according to the Mahabharata. After Aravan’s passing, Krishna stayed in the form as the hero’s widow for a significant period of mourning. Krishna is well known for his mischievous games with his Gopikas (girl friends) taking away their dressing while they bath in pond and cross dressing for play.

Artist: Kalki Subramaniam

Acrylic on Canvas

Blue painting

€ 300



Vishnu, the Hindu God is clearly depicted in the faith as gender-fluid. This major

Hindu deity frequently took on the female avatar of Mohini. Vishnu even procreated with Shiva in the Mohini form, resulting in the birth of Ayyappa, a major figure still

worshipped by millions who make pilgrimages to shrines in India. The avatar Mohini frequently gets describes as an enchantress who maddens lovers.

Artist: Kalki Subramaniam

Acrylic on Canvas

Yellow painting

€ 300



In Vedic literature, Mitra and Varuna are two dieties (Devas) who are portrayed as icons of intimate friendship between males. Mitra-Varuna are referred to in the ancient Indian scripture of the Rigveda.They are both considered Ādityas, or deities connected with the Sun; and they are protectors who preside over the universal waters. They are depicted riding a shark or crocodile together. Sometimes they are portrayed seated side-by-side on a golden chariot drawn by seven swans. In Hindu mythology, Mitra and Varuna are sometimes regarded as twins or as an androgynous entity. Whilst Varuna is seen as the monarchy (the subconscious mind that reigns over the domain of the body), Mitra is the priesthood (enlightened men) and is responsible for balancing day and night, good and evil. Mitra is responsible for restoring balance. Mitra and Varuna are the two half-moons: the waxing one is Varuna and the waning one is Mitra. During the new-moon night these two meet and when they are thus together, everyone is pleased.

Artist: Kalki Subramaniam

Acrylic on Canvas

Price: €600

Shiva and Mohini

Vishnu, the male God many times takes the form of a beautiful Mohini to trick the Asuras and save Devas. Shiva was once so smitten by Mohini beauty that he was so madly in love with her. After some hide and seek play they unite in love and God Ayyappa was born.

Artist: Kalki Subramaniam

Acrylic on Canvas

Price: €550


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