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In memoriam - Lee Siba Mothibe

We mourn the death of transgender activist and pageant director Lee Siba Mothibe, who passed away at the young age of 35.

Lee Siba passed away on March 30, the day before the International Transgender Day of Visibility. She recently revealed that she’d been suffering from Kaposi Sarcoma cancer since 2017.

She was a wonderful member of our community and a great inspiration for the trans community around the world.

Lee Siba Mothibe

We will fight

Maybe someday we can be alive Just hold on tight Put away the knife And together we will fight

We will fight for our lives and welcome our deaths When our time is torn to shreds And we only have moments left We will use them and we'll live them even though we're dying Cause that's all life is for us Being punished for trying

Maybe someday we can all smile A tear falling down We can feel for a while We will swim before we drown

We will fight for our years and welcome each hour For once we will have the power to cherish our wasted time We‘ll reuse it, we'll relive it even though we're dying Cause that's all life is for us Being tortured for trying

If we could have one moment Just one to show our love So we can all say goodbye For us that is enough For we don't need much time We're used to thoughts and dreams But we'll fight and we will climb We will show you our extremes

But if we're in a war of which we can not win We will open that one door and our heaven can begin And we'll dance there and we'll live there After all that dying Cause that's all life was for us Being released after trying

- by our official poet and spoken word artist @jeffvanreenpoetry

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