Call for International Artists

Kalki Subramaniam, the festival director is an activist, artist, poet, performer and ambassador of TransAmsterdam

Announcing the India International Spiritual Art Festival 2021. A great opportunity for international exposure for emerging artists.

We invite you to the very first edition of the International Spiritual Art Festival 2021 to be inaugurated online on July 20th 2021, the new moon day. The festival which is planned for as a mega online exhibition will be hosting the most beautiful, creative artworks from some of the brilliant and creative professional and emerging artists around the world.

The festival will have two sections, namely paintings and sculpture. Artworks in the medium of water colors, mixed media, oil, acrylic paintings of any size are accepted. Artworks and creations on paper, canvas, fabric, wood, metal, stone and glass are accepted. All artworks must be in landscape mode. This is a curated exhibition. Artists can submit up to five artworks, out of which two artworks will be selected for the exhibition.

For sculptures, all mediums are accepted. You can submit up to five sculpture works, of which two will be selected for the final opening of the exhibition.

The theme of the art and sculpture may express spirituality in all its form and emotions – universal love, enlightenment, divine, compassion, sacredness, knowledge, ethereal, purity, healing, miracle, brotherhood, sisterhood, genderless, meditation, focus, forgiveness and hope, etc.

For submission details, pls check the website

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