TransAmsterdam is a transgender organization for art, culture, and lifestyle. Our goal is to increase the visibility of transgender people and improve the image of transgender and non-binary people through art and culture.


TransAmsterdam wants to show that the transgender community is a part of society. To achieve this goal, we are working together with a diverse array of artists, such as photographers, actors, poets, musicians, writers, filmmakers, and painters. We are also working together with national and international art organizations, cultural organizations, sponsors, ambassadors, and policymakers.

TransAmsterdam founded the Trans Art School in 2019. The Trans Art School allows transgender people to participate in workshops that centre on art, culture, and lifestyle. This helps to strengthen both the connection between several groups within the transgender community and the community’s position within society in a safe, positive, and empowering way.

Art and culture allow us to show that transgender people are more than their gender. Additionally, art, culture, and lifestyle help to connect the transgender community with general society. By promoting the positive visibility of transgender people, we are advancing the emancipation and empowerment of trans people in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and beyond.



  • by organizing activities by and for transgender and non-binary people;

  • by organizing workshops and themed gatherings with our Trans Art School;

  • by supplying transgender and non-binary people with a platform for art and culture;

  • by organizing events, such as the Trans and Friends Café InClusion, the TransPodium at Pride Oost, the Transgender Day of Visibility and the Transgender Flag Day;

  • by functioning as an interlocutor between our target audience and other organizations and institutions;

  • by raising funds and subsidies that help us realize our goals;

  • by providing information about topics related to transgender people, art, culture and lifestyle.


Yvo Manuel Vas Dias

Founder and Chair