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TransAmsterdam Trans Art School

TransAmsterdam is a transgender organization for art, culture, and lifestyle, organizes the Trans Art School. Our Trans Art School consists of creative workshops that are set up for and by the trans community.


By organizing art- and culture-related events, TransAmsterdam aims to show that trans people are more than their gender. This way, art, and culture form a connecting factor between the trans community and the rest of society. Our workshops help us to create connections within the trans community in a safe, positive, and empowering manner.

Who can participate in the Trans Art School?

Trans and Non-binary persons are welcome to sign up for the Trans Art School. Our workshops will give you the opportunity to develop your talents and to meet a like-minder.


For information, you can contact us

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What kind of workshops does the Trans Art School consist of?


The Trans Art School organizes multiple workshops, such as music, rap, spoken word, theater, writing, dance, drag, photography, film, presenting, sports, and martial arts.


During the workshops, we will keep the participants’ backgrounds and gender identities in mind.

How much does it cost to participate?

Due to the funding we receive, we can offer financially accessible workshops. The costs to participate are free per participant per workshop-filled day.


Where does the Trans Art School take place?


The workshops take place in the Meevaart in Amsterdam-Oost. The Meevaart is a public cultural center that is used for multiple social ends.


TAS workshop schilderen 2.jpg

Waar is de Trans Art School?

De workshops worden georganiseerd in de

Meevaart in Amsterdam-Oost


De Meevaart is een publiek

gemeenschapsgebouw dat voor meerdere sociale

doelen gebruikt wordt.

Public activities


Have the workshops inspired you to show your art to the public? In 2022/2023 TransAmsterdam will also organize public events at which you’ll be more than welcome to be in the spotlight.


We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Trans Art School in 2022. For any questions, you can contact the coordinators of the Trans Art School at


Safety and anonymity


The goal of the Trans Art School is to safely offer a creative stage for our community. That’s why safety and respect for all participants will be emphasized during the workshops.


As the workshops take place in the Meevaart, a public building, nobody will know what organization you’re visiting. The workshops take place behind closed doors in spaces that are exclusively reserved for participants of the workshops. By doing so, we create a pleasant, creative atmosphere in which everybody feels at ease.


We also highly value your privacy. That’s why you decide during workshops if and how you take the stage. Moreover, we’ll let you know clearly and in advance if there will be cameras present that take pictures and videos of the workshop. Every workshop will also take place without cameras present.

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