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De Ambassadeurs van TransAmsterdam

Diva Agnes Geneva is een zangeres, performer en actrice. Ze begon haar carrière in augustus 2015 in de Lellebel. Ze heeft daar tegenwoordig haar eigen show op vrijdagavond. Sindsdien is Agnes steeds bekender geworden in de LGBQ Trans Community. Ze treedt ook op in andere lokale bars & cafés, zoals The Queens Head, Café Queers en Amstel 54 en bij speciale evenementen zoals de Amsterdam TransPride, open dag TransLifeStyle en Queering de Collections Amsterdam Museum.

In 2016 kreeg ze de eer om de Trans Pride Anthem 2016 te zingen, ‘Trans and Proud’. Dit is haar eerste single en ook beschikbaar op Itunes en Spotify. In 2016 maakte ze haar eerste korte documentaire film met de titel ‘What you are’, samen met de Nederlandse Filmacademie. Deze documentaire werd 2 weken lang in het EYE Museum Amsterdam gespeeld. In 2017 werkte ze mee met de Nederlandse Filmacademie. Ze had de hoofdrol in hun film met de titel ‘Hello My First Love’,over de liefde van een Transgender vrouw. Deze film is gemaakt in Lissabon – Portugal, de première is te zien in het Eye Museum Amsterdam op 25 juni 2017 en in 2017 was ze de Amsterdam TransPride ambassadeur.

Kim Horschell is arts, transgendercoach en directeur van praktijk Check-in coaching, voor transgender en mensen met gender identiteit vragen.

Ik ben vereerd dat ik in januari 2018 werd gevraagd om ambassadeur van TransAmsterdam te worden. Natuurlijk heb ik hier 'ja' op gezegd. Ik ben ambassadeur van TransAmsterdam omdat ik vind dat zij op een mooie manier werken aan #transemancipatie en #transacceptatie. Zij geven talentvolle transmannen en transvrouwen een podium met als doel de beeldvorming van transgenders te verbeteren en te empoweren. Meer maatschappelijke acceptatie bereiken doe je met zijn allen, cis- en transcommunitie gezamelijk. Ik hoop dat ik als directeur, #gendercoach en #transcoach van Check-in coaching hieraan een bescheiden bijdrage mag leveren als "brug" tussen de cis- en transcommunitie.

ADD A TOUCH OF CLASS WITH THE GLITTER AND GLAMOUR OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM Robert Anthony and Thom Rijpstra At your party: * presenting your event * welcome guests * masters of ceremony * serve champagne * charity auctioneers * presentation of awards, prizes * members of Jury * honour guard at funeral TEN PAIR OF COSTUMES - (TAILCOATS and TOPHATS) (and some with cockfeather boa's) Each costume has 60.000 - 75.000 beats and sequins. All designed and handmade by Robert Anthony - one of the Brothers Grimm

Scott Turner Scholfield actor, writer, performer and host. Scott Turner Schofield is an award winning actor who has toured the world with his solo performances and as a cast member for over a decade. In 2015, Scott became the first openly transgender actor in Daytime television, with the recurring role of “Nick” on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful. Scott has hosted events for dozens of organizations. Scott Turner Schofield writes frequently about gender-related issues for various publications. His book, Two Truths and a Lie, was a Finalist for two Lambda Literary Awards in 2008. The script of his award-winning one man show, "Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps," is set to become a feature film.

Justin Sabia-Tanis is a transman and longtime advocate for the transgender community. He is an artist and photographer as well as an art historian. His PhD focused on the intersections of gender, sexuality, art and spirituality. He is in the Netherlands for two months working with the Protestant Theological University (PThU) at the Vrije Universiteit studying issues related to gender identity and community formation.

Dolly Bellefleur: Helblond. Langgebeend. Hooggehakt. Een stem als een nachtegaal. Met make-up als de regenboog. Gekleed als een supermodel. Haar naam: DOLLY BELLEFLEUR. Alter ego van theaterdier Ruud Douma. Begonnen op de biljarttafel van een plaatselijk café, ontpopte het eigengereide zusje van Barbie zich tot een voortvarende vrouw die met haar optredens in één klap afrekent met het aloude travestie-cabaret. Dolly Bellefleur staat voor kwaliteit. Geen play-back, maar eigen zang. Geen parodie op vrouwelijke vedettes, maar een eigen stijl. In de woorden van Bellefleur: “Ik ben een beauty with brains.”

Jannat Ali is highly qualified an MBA DegreeFirst Position Holder Trans Woman, also have research degree in performing arts. She is a transgender activist and first ever TG Project Manager at Khawaja Sira Society; A CBO Led by the transgender community for prevention of HIV and AIDS, sexual health, human rights and advocacy in Pakistan.

She has run a literacy program as an educator/consultant regarding education of transgender people. She is a professional Kathak dancer and is one of the six Trans women who worked as an actress in a theatre play happened first time in Pakistan's History named “The Third Tune” based on real stories of transgender persons’ lives which has been performed in Lahore, Islamabad and the United States (Yale and University of Texas.)

She understands the power of capacity building and has attended several trainings, workshops and seminars in more than 7 countries and represented her community from Pakistan and implemented same training in Pakistan. She has delivered lectures during Copenhagen Pride 2015 and in Oct 2016 she was invited to educate 400 students in 10 different schools in Denmark about Gender, Norms, Society and Performing Art.

She was Art Director and project coordinator in AKS Festival 2015 Copenhagen and AKS Festival 2016 Pakistan. She is the first Muslim transgender person who conducted a Khutba during Friday prayers at the Queer Muslim Conference in South Africa, Won Queen AIR 2015 at that conference. She purposed and chaired the first ever Muslim transgender track at international retreat and got award of exemplary leadership.

In July 2017 She was part of reasearching, drafting, lobbying the transgender rights protection bill Pakistan which is passed from Senate and national assembly in may 2019 and is now an act/law. She is the first Transgender who is part of Global Shapers HUB and selected for World Economic Forum in Fab 2018. She was first Transgender Speaker ats TEDx Lahore.

Recently she is elected as CCM Member for TG community for HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB for next three years. She is always active in Transgender movement not only in Pakistan but around the globe and her dreams is to be most educated TG in the world. She performed at the Copenhagen Pride 2015

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