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We proudly present Neysara Rai TransAmsterdam Ambassador for life

Neysara Rai is a transwoman, activist public speaker and Founder of Transgender India. Transgender India is a online help and support platform from transgender and gender non conforming individuals.

On the Transgender Flag Day in Amsterdam Neysara gave a speech about protest against Transgender Bill.

TransgenderIndia is running a Online protest against Transgender Bill on facebook. Goal is to make enough noise, that our parliamentarians can hear it.

The central theme of the campaign is around the clause that says any sexual offence against a trans person will be punishable by 6 months to a max 2 years imprisonment , so we use the #RapeIsRape (rape is rape) handle .

How can you help? You may Please use the Facebook Profile Photo Frame of the campaign , its available if you click on this link

If you wish you may also post the following text along with it: "72 years since Independence, Still Indian Parliamentarians believe Raping a transgender person is a petty crime punishable by 6 months to max 2 years. This independence day, Use this frame to protest against this Injustice #RapeIsRape "

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