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Interview with Sarmad Iqbal blogger from Pakistan and Yvo Manuel Vas Dias

I had the pleasure of interviewing this inspirational person who stands out from many others not just in his society but also globally because of the nature of his work and that is to uplift the trans community at a time when still there needs to be done a lot for this community globally and the community still yearns for a greater degree of acceptance, tolerance, and love from others in society. I did ask some questions to Yvo and his answers have been quite impressive, here’s a look into our Q and A session Sarmad Iqbal:

Q3). What are the primary goals of your organization and how much has this organization been successful in achieving what it seeks to achieve?

Ans). Trans Amsterdam is a transgender organization for art, culture, and lifestyle. Our goal is to increase the visibility of transgender persons, transgender artist, and to improve the public image of transgender and non-binary people. We focus on art, trans artist, and give trans artists a podium.

In 2019, we set up our Trans Art School. We organize art workshops for trans people and non-binary people. The open day was a wonderful event where trans people share and show their talent. See the video of the open day:

Over the years we organize different kinds of festivals, theme meetings, meet-ups, international events with our partners from India, Pakistan, Brazil, Iran, South Africa, the USA, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Europe, and other countries. We work with stakeholders from all around the world.

You can read the interview with Sarmad Iqbal blogger from Pakistan and our founder and chair Yvo Manuel Vas Dias: An insight into the life of a trans man devoted to a quest for a better future for Trans folks around the world


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