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New Year's Speech Deputy Mayor Touria Meliani

Photo @JasmijnBastings

Hello everyone,

Thank you all and Trans Amsterdam,

for inviting me to open TransAmsterdam’s new year full of cultural activities and beautiful encounters.

As Deputy Mayor of the City of Amsterdam, responsible for Arts and Culture,

and Inclusion and Antidiscrimination policies,

I am very proud of your organization and the important work you do for the Trans and non-binary community.

A special thank you goes to Yvo Vas Dias.

Yvo is at the heart of TransAmsterdam

He connects different communities in our city

and builds bridges.

Like myself,

he believes in de power of art and culture

And provides a stage for new talent,

young people, and newcomers in Amsterdam

That is why initiatives like TransAmsterdam are so important for our city.

From my position,

I want you to know that I will commit myself to contribute to a more inclusive city

where you can have a safe space,

you can meet likeminded people,

you are allowed to be yourself

and to love who you want to love.

You are our brothers, our sisters, our siblings,

our relatives, our neighbors,

you are our colleagues,

the people that we bump into in the streets.

You are us.

By opening the New Year,

I would like to encourage you

to keep on going and to keep up with the good work.

I wish you a fantastic year with many beautiful and inspiring moments!

Deputy Mayor Touria Meliani

New Year Celebration at Trans and Friends café InClusion 27 January 2023


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